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Connecticut SEO Experts offers Freelance SEO, Google AdWords & Content Marketing services to businesses in Connecticut. Reasonable Prices. Local SEO.


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SEO & Google AdWords Professional Services Of Connecticut

SEO & Google AdWords Expert Services

I run my firm Connecticut Internet Marketing & Search Engine Optimization, which provides search engine optimization and Google AdWords management to companies in Connecticut. I also manage social media campaigns.

My skill set and experience includes SEO, Internet Marketing, Local Citations Link Building, Content Creation, Google AdWords PPC, Facebook Ads, Twitter, Google+, Google Analytics, and WordPress SEO.

Most recently I spent nine years with a major ticket broker where I learned and perfected my SEO & marketing talents while maintaining profitability and return on investment with SEO and Google AdWords.

I construct on-site audits and off-site SEO campaigns based on customer needs as well as track marketing budget Return On Investment (ROI) via Google Analytics to make sure marketing campaigns are run profitably.

I have many years of professional experience in business environments with experience working for Microsoft and IBM.

With Google’s focus on local search, mobile search, high-quality content plus local SEO directory citations I can help your Google rankings rise, Google traffic increase and create a higher conversion rate per visitor.

I can deliver results in the Google search engine result pages you need to grow and expand your business.  There are over 200 Google Ranking Factors and I do my best to rank and make sure that the most effective and newest techniques possible are used.

Please contact me at 860.633.6578.

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Social Media/Social Marketing/SEO Infographics

Social Media/Social Marketing/SEO Infographics


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Digital & Content Marketing [Infographics]

Digital & Content Marketing [Infographics]


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